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Hari Tans was Mmself the anthor of two poems ; the one^ the C/wurdsi Paday
or c 84 Stanzas,* in Hindi ; the other the Rddhd Sudhd JFidhi, or ( Treasury
of Bsdha's Delights/ in. 170 Sanskrit conplets. The latter., though not much
read, is held in great esteem and, regarded solely as a piece of highly impas-
sioned erotic Terse,, it is a spirited and poetic composition. There is a good
Hindi commentary upon it by one Bansidhar, dated Sambat 1820. As MSS.
are scarce and Sanskritists may like to see a specimen of the text, I subjoin the
first 25 and the last couplet in the original, followed by a translation:—

11 ^ra ^rawFiryra^iH it

II            1!

Wip^II3§c|i^51                                      1

mist o ^ n

rf^ET S
B 3 U

¥faf?ft TO^iTOH^ rf Tlf^I^T^Sr^gJT^ ^ITTOT 181

3RTTXC Pfg^^! 0 5J  1

1 S B

«5! ^IlHI^IllI^rI^^^T   HTTT            I ^ II

: i

tfWWlFfWW f^^IRW^Piref I